DIY ‘Boat Tail’ Gives Little Car Big Fuel Economy

Pontiac Firefly.

DIY ‘Boat Tail’ Gives Little Car Big Fuel Economy While windtunnels have long been employed in aerospace and all forms of race engineering, we’re likely to see them employed more frequently in future in the quest for improved fuel efficiency from our automobiles. Still, where this car absolutely excels is in getting more miles per gallon. It’s this brilliant but somewhat thick-headed mastery of economy that shows us that nerds do care about cars, but not always the same way as we do. I honestly don’t mind about the laughs. I honestly don’t mind about the laughs. I think the list is good-natured fun. I saw that when it was posted too. The 15 percent improvement is just from the tail, and was comprehensively proven with multiple bi-directional averaged runs at exactly 90kmh on a straight and level road, with no other traffic. I have seen this done before.

Try parking this in the city. It almost seems like this used to be known at one time.

Not being rediscovered at all. It’s wasted volume and material. It’s not a battle for better drag numbers, It’s not something we’ve forgotten. At speeds well below the speed of sound a teardrop, round side forward, gives the least drag.
They’ve been working on drag since day dot. A Toyota Prius already achieves a Cd of 0. 25 without such a tail. We don’t even know that Cosgrove’s Cd figure is accurate.

I sincerely doubt that he put that inside a wind tunnel and did controlled tests with proper instrumentation. By the way, the teardrop conjecture is also incorrect. Look at Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion car from over 75 years ago. Meanwhile, look at the General Motors EV1 from a few years back. Presumably, the extra weight of the tail must have reduced the fuel economy. I have read that the average mpg of American cars has only increased by 3 mpg, since the days of the Model T Ford.
On this page there is an ad for cars that do 50 mpg.
Congress should mandate easily reachable coefficients of drag.
Low CD, full belly pan, inboard brakes, full rear wheel coverage, low polar moment of inertia (engine behind transmission) and, of course, front wheel drive. The boat tail had already proved itself during wind tunnel experiments and computer simulations, in theory and using small-scale models. The lorry was driven for a period of one year with a boat tail of varying lengths and one year without a boat tail. Cosgrove figures all of the mods cut the car’s drag coefficient from 0. 34 to 0. 23. Cosgrove estimates that his most recent modifications improve the Firefly hatchback’s coefficient of drag from 0. 34 to 0. 23. To be honest, most of these are reusing, which is a step above recycling.
London has recently installed a series of newspaper recycling bins that are capable of containing or withstanding a serious bomb blast. Freegans believe food should be free: that is a right and should accessible to all. Freegans set their lifestyle by collecting food and other necessary products from any place they can. I have a car that gets about 30 mpg, which I thought was pretty good for a ten-year-old American car. What sets them aside of the rest of us, the merely thrifty?
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