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Presidential Limo THE BEAST

UniformsRanks The presidential ride which is a stretched limo is called the Beast. They customize almost everything from inside to outside.

It has special foam sealed and armor plated gas tank which will not explode even on direct hit. There is Oxygen supply system,fire fighting system and bottles of the president’s blood type.

It has eight inch thick armor plates. The car’s body made of dual hardness steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramic to stop any projectile.

The beast can run on flat tires even outer layer fully puncher-ed.
Nylon explosive resistant cloth is put on the flood or the car to save it from an explosion from down of the car. Chauffeur is trained by secret service to drive it in most hazardous condition. It got 6. 5 liter diesel engine.

Zero to sixty 15 seconds. Presidential motorcade always role with 25-30 cars. Other cars are black SUv’s surrounding the beasts. Cool article, where did you get all the info. Never the less, very interesting.
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To build each one, a team of 10 people first stripped a full-size Chevrolet Suburban down to the chassis. After all the modifications were made, each Beast weighed about 9,500 pounds and was about 23 feet long, Kelly estimated.
This undated handout photo provided by the U. S. What Car Should I Buy?
President Obama was not in the car at the time. Though outside appearance is not dissimilar to a common Cadillac, the inside is equipped with everything necessary for the U. S. Tires are extremely scratch-resistant and anti-puncture.