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Dumbest Oddest Funniest License Plates Clips MNPoliceClips

Posted: Tue, 12/21/2010 7:50pm by Smosh I swear some people are just asking to get pulled over. I can’t hear any more. Funny License Plates Names . I believe it is public knowledge that I am a sucker for a good looking ginger. There are some pretty hot gingerheads in the world, and here aremy personal top five.

As far as music is concerned, nobody does it quite like Peggy. Did the device inside the package break?& Also, the man who invented vaccuum seal packaging should be subjected to brutal punishment. If you’re feeling generous, dump coins in their car instead. Obviously keep the tires nearby to replace.

Or just leave the tires on and put the car on blocks anyway. Affix it to the exhaust pipe and wait for your friend to start their car. Exceptionally silly ones or those espousing views and sports teams the driver opposes are best. Try to be around for the discovery so you can watch them as they unwrap it. As with the bumper stickers, pick frames that clash with their personality as much as possible.

Garnish with a rubber ducky. Then hide the real car around the corner and put the ruined version in its place.

Apologize for hitting their car on a short note and put it on their windshield.
Alternatively, you can relocate the horn to under the driver’s seat so that they get the blast rather than the rest of the world. What we end up with is probably the single biggest collection of license plates on a page anywhere on the Internet. Are people crazy or what?
As beacons of coherence in a sea of computer-generated nothingness, vanity license plates are attention grabbers. The owner of this backside shocker claims it was just the plate his MVA assigned him.

30 Crazy Personalized License Plates

California Plate .cute.

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