Funny Vanity Plate Ideas

Vanity Plates: Creepiness In 8 Characters Or Less

Funny Vanity Plate Ideas Due some recent happenings and mostly a lack of time, we are going to stop posting to this blog until further notice.

We thank you from the bottom of our plate-rage filled hearts for supporting us, sending us photos, and making us laugh daily. We hope to be back real soon. I thought this one was funny. For some reason I highly doubt this person is into coat racks, gun racks, bike racks, or antlers. Bada bing is a phrase often used to imitate the sound of a drum roll and cymbal crash after a joke.

A combination of the names Tracy and Ashley. Because how else am I going to fasten these shoes?

Matt sent us this plate from across the ocean, G 5POT. In England, vanity plates (or as we call them, personalised number plates- I know, not quite as snappy) aren’t very common and are usually pretty terrible.

I am guessing that this person doesn’t know what that is slang for, do they?