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History Junk Yard Photos PIX 1920 To 1970 .

Free.instantly view salvage cars, trucks from handpicked to find … Also, the July 31 customer-appreciation event: Is that the actual drop-dead date?
Funny how CARS have always become part of the fabric of American life, eh?
I can see her marketing strategy — sort of market it plainly on their site (which she has), then generally arrange sales and parts removal by appointment, mail and the like.

Anybody in HAMBland know more accurately?
This one is just too classic not to include on this thread.
Lange is probably the most celebrated photog.
This was near Ridgeway, CO. Keep it down to 90, will ya, bro??

Thanks for the posts, my firend. Still at it in 1950. Hey, looks like Chuck has more VT around his place.

He crushed everything, and then could never sell his land.
Oh, cruel fate, why do you mock me?
You pretty much captured the essence of the old-time junkyard experience.

So, the way this thread has developed goes beyond, thankfully, what I ever imagined.
Just a sweet old car in a solitary rural setting.
Welcome to a fellow KY native on this thread. My eyes did deceive me, especially with some of the trim trimmed off.