68 Corvette wreck leaves man seriously injured

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68 Corvette wreck leaves man seriously injured Sorry, um, yeah, crash worthiness. They only just started making seat belts standard when the C3 debuted, and even then, it was just lap belts, shoulder belts were optional. If you are concerned with it, the best suggestion would be to have the car caged.
A good seat and harnesses/belts will be needed for the full effect as well. Does anyone know how safe the C3’s are in an accident?
GM performed all the required safety testing for the specified model years. FWIW: an 80 will survive an oblique head on at about 20 mph with complete safety for the occupants. Public pulled out in front of my daughter and me while we were in my 80. We were wearing seat belts. Mike, glad to hear you and your daughter were alright. It looked like the guys was alright, but I couldn’t get over and could barely see him through the dust. It looked like he was racing a late 70’s Trans Am. Built it to about 400 hp, M20 and 456’s. No one else was in the car, good thing.
As a side note, he had the car repaired and repainted the Forest Green and then wanted to buy a Sportster so he wanted me to buy it for 6000. My son saw him coming, tried to avoid him but got hit right at the LH front tire.

So it all comes down to where you are hit and how hard.
IIRC collapsible steering columns weren’t out there until 1968 or so. Which is the reason I decided against switching over to the Borgeson steering box. From what I’ve seen over the years from others (I’ve never been in a high-speed crash) it looks like the C3 crash worthiness is better than you’d might think but not comparable to a modern car. Does anyone else do like me when they see a wrecked Vette?
No that isn’t a good idea. It’s like a motorcycle, you HAVE to wear a helmet. I do drive it to the track and it’s scary. Plus it sucks getting in and out of the car. Here’s a picture when it was getting installed.
You want to put yourself on an emotional rollercoaster?
Plus it sucks getting in and out of the car. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want one as a daily driver, casual driver or anything other than a dedicated track car. Witnesses say the 52 year old male was driving at a high rate of speed down I-90 in a 1968 Corvette.

This crash happened Sunday afternoon in Bellevue, Washington. He lost control, crashing into a barrier and landing upside down, partially ejecting him from the Corvette.

He was later arrested for DUI after police found alcohol to be the likely factor in the crash. Partially ejected means that he was partially still in the car when it came to a rest. Holy crap – that’s almost 400 a gallon. It isn’t all tweens that are doing this. Well, within the next 15 minutes he bought 10 bags of stars – something I didn’t know about until I received the 10 invoice from Apple the next day. I am not big on post processing unless I want HDR or tilt-shift. Do these companies really want people to pay for the same content twice?
Pro photographer using Aperture right here.

To me, your user name perfectly sums up the risk of messing with your Dock. I think we can see it all around us that people are switching.
What im interested in though, is what effect Vista will have on the rate of switchers. Okay, you can flame away now — but all I’m saying is there are a lot of potential switchers waiting to plunk down their hard earned cash if Apple would get it together. The best OS deserves the best hardware or at least a lot better hardware than being currently used.
Then give us premium hardware.

But pul-leeze do it soon. We are 12th and 13th at Willow Bend.
How does knowing something about tech make it a superior device?
Great thread for all of us green thumbs out there.

For me, photography is a passion for the moment. Sometimes I know what I want to capture, but other times I just take pictures in the spur of the moment. You approach a house with a snowman in the front yard and you think, wow that snowman is cool and it brings back memories, so I had better take a photo to recapture an image from the past. This is the beauty of photography. And yes, the constitution was created (like any other big social change) because the oppressed started to rebel, not by the goodness of the white man. The impact caused the car to flip over near the right shoulder, and the driver was partially ejected.

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