junk car buyer chicago pays $400 cash for this 98 GMC Jimmy
junk car buyer chicago pays $400 cash for this 98 GMC Jimmy Call us today and get cash today. We might really be losing our mind.
We pay more cash for junk cars than anyone in Chicago but even this one was a little nuts. Looking for some extra cash to help you enjoy the amazing summers in our great city. This time of year in our city brings an array of activities that are the envy of any area in the country. If your junk car is within Chicago city limits or the near surrounding suburbs we can usually be there within an hour of your phone call. Totaled, non-running, wrecked, rusted, burnt, flooded, missing parts, tireless, or any other adjective you can think of to describe an unwanted vehicle.

Call today to sell your junk car and get the cash you need to enjoy our glorious Chicago Summer. Yes, there are literally hundreds of junk car buyers in Chicago and the amount you get paid for your junk car can vary greatly. They take the leads that come in and sell them off to junkyards, towing companies and other junk car buyers. This means the companies that buy these junk car leads have to make up those dollars somewhere.

They come in from the suburbs and even Indiana to buy your junk car and that means two things. We have them stationed strategically throughout Chicago so we can get to you fast. Could it be true we asked ourselves?
We know how to salvage every last inch of your junk car. Any of the factors above on their own put us in the upper echelon of junk car buyers in Chicago. The junk car below was not running and considered worthless by the owner who simply wanted it gone.

These cars were abandoned and in a parking lot because of major mechanical issues. You do have options when it comes to selling your junk car in Chicago. Call us today at 773-699-9632 to take the hassle out of selling your junk car in Chicago. Yes, there are other companies that do what we do but none that can match us for the amount of cash we pay for junk cars and how quickly and easily we get you that cash.