Jill Pin Neo   Camaro Rundown Equipment | muscle car

Pin By Jill Rhoads Mathys On Harleys And Chrome.

Rundown of My Paint and Equipment Grandma, 69. 5, Z/28 Finally Done. Fox Racing#Country Life.

I love both of these.

I would LOVE a set of riding gear like this. Must get this for my niece.

Love this purple eyeshadow look for blue eyes. Anyone have experience with the higher quality flat blacks??

If I had a true blue we wouldnt be having this conversation.. The stuff is less than 30 a gallon and I have heard nothing but good reviews on it. Paint my rims flat black or gloss black??

I’ve heard it dries harder and is more of a satin than a flat paint.

’69 Camaro SS – MY dream car.

Camaro ss Love American muscle cars

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Love a matte black finish on a hot rod.

Matte Black 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS