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Tuning Mania

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest StumbleUpon Tumblr Reddit Biar Pun Dah tak Layak.. Nissan Maxima, custom monster autobot. The wind changed and it got stuck like that. Of course he’s a tosser, you can tell that because the front fog lights are on. Very nice, but does he have a girlfriend, or does he just sit in the car pulling his plonker. It should be clear to all road users that they have the right of way in all circumstances. It just shows how much class you can buy if you have enough money. Owners of standard Beemers are bad enough because they’re usually social climbers and cling-ons who’d rather stick two fingers up to you than be courteous on the road.
Al the indicators work fine, it’s just that they are an optional extra on BMWs so not all models have them. Its a BMW – bet the indicators still don’t work . What an utterly useless set of photos. Either way, it looks like a pile of crap. Anti theft measures gone too far .. Wondering what a disco on Friday?
Saying he did with a tufted Nissan Micra (produced from 1993 to 2003). As much as we would like to believe that we always know why people do the things they do, fact is that sometimes we don’t have even the slightest idea. It’s as if the owner of the Kuwaiti licensed plate vehicle went into an automotive supermarket randomly picking out accessories and parts for the mix. With so much emphasis on car buying, it would be wise to take the time to properly learn how to maintain your car. There are six areas of your car that need constant attention. The owner decided that his car was too boring and so he decided to some modding of his ride. Mark this day in your calendars kids. If Ford built LWB models like this, they wouldn’t have had to drop them. I often wonder, dont people have better things to do with their time??

Could the effort be better spent elsewhere??

Even has a BMW badge on the thing that doubles as a bonnet. For the first time in 30 years, Ford has offered a turbo-charged Mustang.
Both these super cars have made waves around the world for the past 12 years. Cars, especially performance cars, are pitted against each other almost everyday. However, its not everyday that the two cars being put up against each other is, well, basically-sort-of the same car. On a farm in France, in a deserted, run-down barn, an amazing discovery was recently made.

Sure, there may have been other Batmobiles before this one or Batmobile-inspired cars, this specific one is the earliest known officially licensed Batmobile.

So then why not combine these two fun activities into one?

Nevertheless, fear and equipment aside, a couple of guys actually managed to pull of a stunt that involves a wakeboard and a Ferrari F50. We would definately like to know (and see) more about the national go topless day, and topless protesting.
Wet t-shirts – way better than dry ones. Gwyneth Paltrow was born September 27, 1972 and is an American actress.

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The owner decided that his car was too boring and so he decided to some modding of his ride.
He thought that the BMW 7 series front and hood looked pretty cool while the Lamborghini swiveling doors cannot be omitted as well.
The bumper of the BMW M3 was just too good to be missed and the rear wing of a Toyota Supra would be perfect.
Nice ride makes me think of Transformers

Nissan Maxima + BMW 7 + BMW M3 + Lamborghini + Toyota Supra = Monster Sport Car