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Viewing Gallery For Crazy Car Stunts Scott May has been touring with his stunt show throughout the UK for over 20 years and brings an unrivalled reputation and level of skill to his daredevil show. As you drive home from the show we will be packing everything away again. As with all Monster Trucks, the thrill begins when the engine roars into life and you can feel the power right through your bones. As it stands today the Bandit is powered by a big-block Chevy engine.

When fitted with its specially trimmed floatation tyres, which are 66 inches in diameter, the truck stands at an imposing 11 feet high and weighs around 5 tons. With each wheel weighing in at approx one ton a piece, and ten wheel-nuts securing each one in place, it is a demanding job for the crew to prepare the truck for each show. Scott found it rusting in a scrap yard and saw the potential for a monster project. Over the winter months, while the show was off the road, the Chevy body was cut, welded and moulded to fit. The roll bars were then manufactured, tried, modified and re-modified until the rolling action was right. Over the past five years Scott has been recognised as one of the top two-wheel drivers in the world.
Motorcycle wheelies, Honda Pilot Buggy wheelies, jumps and two wheel driving.
We take a great deal of care to ensure that all safety precautions are folllowed to the letter. Even after the show has finished, when all of the pyrotechnics have been exploded and the fires extinguished, the exhaust pipes on the vehicles will still be hot and the stunt props will still be in position.