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Sometimes car repairs can be expensive, that’s when you know it’s time … Madeira’s banana is the best. Cheapest Front Lip Out there?

BTW, I live at home in my parents basement and they pay for everything.
I thought you were making fun of me because i spelled it wrong but apparently you didn’t see that either. Years later, they have received acceptance and money from those who benefit from said device, and now their once unimagined modification is popular and being fabricated for real. I figured that this forum would be a good sounding ground for ideas of this nature.

The government should be afraid of their people.

Oh well, I’ll be flocking over to nicoclub. com soon enough. How is this going to save your bumper?
The tow hook he’s talking about is the kind that you have to cut a hole in your bumper, and have it stick out. Why its better to buy the Italic H brand.
Look at his license plate, he was asking for it. I once thought I was wrong.
DIY: Paint Bezels and turn signals Black. What is your definition of the word Ghetto?
When I think of a person acting ghetto, I think of someone with no class. It really makes me sick to my stomach, and I don’t know how to communicate with them once the ghetto starts to come out. Well to end this year with an okay blog i really messed up doing this random project which i presented and didn’t make sense at all. Also i had experience how presentation are really supposed to be presented by watching my teacher and watching videos on you tube how they move and use their hand gesture to symbolize that they are talking about this and that. My weekly blog is about how I’m going to present to my classmate.

I had to skip blog because I had to bring all my grades up for the classes I have been failing.
So far me and my partner have not got together and discuss when and what time we should meet be both of us have no plans on when to capture of people doing dumb things.

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