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Pin By Kenneth Ochsner On Mustang.

Picture credits: www.virtualistuning.hu Which color do I get?
More like this on the streets please.

Customized Mustang looks the business, and has the muscle to back it up.. I will have a classic truck one day. A few decades ago designers used pencils to create their legendary muscle car designs. This Bonneville concept was specially built to be unveiled at GM’s Motorama back in 1954. If this Corvette ZR1 concept would get into production many muscle car enthusiasts would certainly be happy. This is how your next luxury Buick may look. This is my first car what I designed.
It’s very true to the original car. But I think that the side-by-side headlight configuration would look better then the over and under, and you’d still be able to pull off the classic GTO look. Thanks. You should use photoshop to making cars like this. Only complaint, it needs a hood scoop. That is really well modern-ized, with the 65 front end.

Unofficial muscle car concept – Pontiac GTO

67 Pontiac GTO Concept Car | Cars: : American Style.
Oh my. Yes. Yes, that will do.

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67 Pontiac GTO Concept #ferrari vs lamborghini #customized cars| https://sport-car-collections-670.blogspot.com

khj 2013 1967 Pontiac GTO Concept Car

Sweet lookin car with classy bow tie grill.