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1996 GMC C350 0 Timing, Rich Smell, And Performance pictures/307270 Army Truck 2 …
Still love my old dog dually GMC. I pull a 13k trailer with it, and lately when I’m going up hills the service engine soon light comes on. The very next time I towed with it going up hill again the service engine soon light came on. Truck is total stock, and all original (but I have replaced spark plug wires, cap, rotor and so on). What will cause the rich smell, and the service engine soon light to come on while towing up hill, and then go off once I’m not towing.. S performance upgrades can I do. I just want this truck to run another awesome 117k miles for me.

To answer your first question 1. Your TBI injectors are malfunctioning caused by a plausible debris in the fuel system, have you checked their spray pattern to make sure they are equal?
Before the truck starts on fire like mine DID. What kind of no B. S performance upgrades can I do. When i start my truck i hear and ticking noise and it does NOT go away after it warms up or it does not go away at all. I am replacing my engine in my 2003 Hyundai Tiburon. If i took out my 91 toyota carolla engine what other cars would it be compatible with?
The oil warning light is on. There are four quarts of oil in the car. The oil filter is dry. Hi and thanks in advance for your site.