Most Ghetto Cars Request type: derelict vehicle
Most Ghetto Cars Request type: derelict vehicle Astoria has another new quality restaurant and bar opening every other day. Ridgewood is being named the next Williamsburg.
A big problem here is trying to attract quality businesses into our area, an upscale retail store or a high quality restaurant. For a range of reasons (some of them completely unjustified), persuading quality retailers to open in the Downtown is a tough sell – and frankly, getting the community to actually support quality retailers can also be rough sledding.
The owners of the Applebee’s franchise in Jamaica complain bitterly, and (unfortunately) loudly, about their disappointment in the amount of business that they are doing.
I run into community leaders, business owners and other concerned individuals who are appalled by what is going on in the community and love what I am doing, even if they do not necessarily like the language I use or how I speak about others. All I ever see are drawings of what the area will look like, yet very little takes place.

This is a wake up call (a wake up call that has been sounding for some time) and some of you people really need to get your shit together. Time to go out on a limb, time to speak the truth and stop with the fake bullshit, time to call people (residents and leaders) out on their shit. What I do not get, if Diggs was so much for improving the quality of life for so many residents, why has Jamaica looked like shit for so damn long.
Hopefully the street named after Mr. Everyone suffers when a community become a ghetto. So why keep Jamaica this way. Of course the huge disparity of income between the haves and the have nots does not help, even that concept leads to disaster, just like it did in the depression and just like it does in the present. The local elected leaders, business leaders, preachers, ministers and other leaders of the community, you need to get your shit together and do something.
Welcome to fucking Jamaica where anything goes and our local elected leaders are as useful as hemorrhoids. In front of a shitty crappy nail salon. In front of a church. A few doors down from the above.

And of course the typical no license plate car, because that is how we roll here in Jamaica. So there you have it another garbage filled walk courtesy of our low class ghetto slobs and our totally inadequate elected officials and leaders. Your complaint has been received by the Police Department and it has been determined that a long-term investigation may be necessary. Well, I guess it was not that long term. Really, do you believe this shit. Their food is the best around, hands down. If they ask if you want olives and bread, take both, especially the marinated olives with garlic and hot red pepper. In the past they would have live music (jazz) on some Saturdays and Wednesdays, but the times I was there, no band.
Of course I stayed to hear them and so damn glad I did.
I wish our totally do nothing and useless leaders would clean up that stretch of Sutphin Blvd and begin to revitalize and develop it. While I feel totally safe walking along their, even late at night, outsiders might not and this would prevent them from coming into this area. If our leaders and powers to be had any vision or initiative, they would develop, clean up and market the Jamaica area as a jazz destination in Queens. There should be jazz cafes/clubs all around the Downtown area.