Countdown to Barrett Jackson: 1978 Tupolev N007 Gullwing Boat

Amazing Images Of The Ron Pratte Car Collection

Countdown to Barrett Jackson: 1978 Tupolev N007 Gullwing Boat Rust Damage Photo:allglassandupholstery This one is very important. So this story starts with a press release that I received in my inbox this morning.
We’ve already discussed what forced induction is. Not sure what this thing is, maybe a street rod?
I’m usually all about big motors, flash and super-fast restomods. Forgive me for taking a few days off for Thanksgiving.
Need proof that every industry was obsessed with the Space Race?
The flying car has captivated the minds of many a brilliant thinker, Boeing engineers included.
Though after over 6 million went into development, the project was canned.
Power comes from dual 60 horsepower Mercury motors. You just missed your chance to buy the truck. Motor racing has its phases of radical technical development, and during the 1960s, turbine power made its debut. Ever heard of the World of Wheels Autorama?
The Missouri custom car builder started the series to promote some of his own builds, this being one of his most radical. The unfortunate side effect of being a Soviet cosmonaut was that if you came down hard, you could be left stranded in the middle of Siberia. This could also make a pretty decent amphibious recovery vehicle. The engine was overhauled in Bacau, Romania, by the original factory. This being one of the last models built, it was equipped with a leading-edge differential for control system.