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Homemade Rc Car Forum Thread Page 11 Rc Tech Forums Im currently making an RC car for my school project and everything is basically going to made by myself, apart from the motors, servos and the esc. Was just wondering which motor would be best to use, as i have two. Its using an unbranded motor, acoms 2. 4ghz transmitter and receiver, Mtroniks Viper oval eco mardave and a sanwa-srm-102 steering servo. And get hold of some GRP/Fibreglass sheet, it’ll be one million times better than plywood.
Good luck with your car and assignment. It looks like the chassis turned out well for the car, and your choice of parts seem to work well together. To be honest, I don’t know much about the turn ratings of brushed motors. Also, I might have access to two 4. 8volt 4cell packs, would this be better then running one 7. 2 volt 4 cell?
I should have built my chassis mock up out of wood or something easy to work with and not too expensive when I mess it up. The next is the progression of the chassis, from the original on the left, to version 1 which was quite heavy, to the carbon fiber which was too weak, and to the current chassis I am using.
The last pic shows how I am tying the cage into the suspension with an aluminum plate.

I’m in the process of making the body flip up with gas cylinders (like hold up the hatch on an old hatchback car). Car Action wants to review it when it’s done.

Probably send the body to one of those guys that does custom painted motorcycle helmets. The gas cylinders are a good idea, as I’m sure the body is quite heavy. Also, lastly, I’m planning on molding my own body using a mold cut out on a CNC router and a vacuum former. I have seen it done and have a machine at school which can cut it out nicely. Also any ideas on how to make a better setup for the front as they are currently rolling on some brass servo shims which works but isn’t great. Does anyone know what the problem is?