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Chrysler Vintage Pickup Truck Rich Brauer Springfield, Illinois A stylishly attired woman shops for coffee at a Kroger supermarket, 1957. I always do my ironing outside.

I wonder where the electrical outlet was??

I need to frame this one.

My Mother was a nurse who wore a cap like this and worked in the OB dept. From John Bull magazine, week ending 19th June, 1954. A wonderful 1930s era ad for Pez candy. Whatever he whispered, it must have been funny, and will probably result in a kiss. Okay, I just want this for normal wear. I sometimes need a real man in my life – well my bed anyway. Pretty sure this would have been me in my old days. This excerise equipment is really interesting.
Can we go back to this, please?
I love to see the hop and skip and sudden starts of your ink.

Like my grandpas old truck Love vintage pickup trucks.

Love vintage pickup trucks.This is my vehicle for scouring the flea markets and farmer’s markets – I wish.

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