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funny food 11 And if not for us, do it for your country. Meat art is art that uses meat as the medium and art that uses meat as the model. If you feel like an artist, you can do some amazing pancakes like this Dad, by drawing first on the fryingpan the shape with chocolate, and then pouring the different batters, previously colored with edible colorant, in the different zones. Some other great examples of artistic pancakes on boredpanda. com . It’s easy to make and even easier to devour. The most expensive hot dog in the World . Mountain Dew and Dorito Cupcakes. A chocolate skull with walnut brain. Great idea for a Halloween party. Till we saw these images we never thought that orange peels might also be used as a medium to create art. Chicken Egg Family from hard boiled eggs, carrot slices, black olive eye bits, and red bell pepper for the chicken Mohawk. I would totally get them for @Sarah Roe.

Coke can red velvet cupcakes. Coke cans that are actually red velvet cake.

Use your imagination and create your own. Who is ready for a GIANT food coma?
By putting these artists together, the exhibition seeks to investigate the uncanny effect meat as a medium is for artist and viewer. Some pieces are kept in cold storage to keep them from decaying.
The photograph above shows the steam from the decomposition, and the small white dots at the bottom of the frame are live maggots. Unfortunately, when I visited, it wasn’t plugged in, and therefore wasn’t twitching.
Nonetheless, the spectacle is unavoidable.

Horrifying Works of Food Art

“Meat After Meat Joy” animatronic flesh shoe.
adam brandejs

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