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If you are planning to convert your car into an Electric Vehicle (EV … He removed the gasoline engine of a Pierce Arrow and replaced it with an electric motor and drove for hours, at speeds as high as 90 mph. Today, in 2012, we can remove every gasoline combustion engine and replace it with a zero emission electric motor. No CO2 emissions means no smog and no contributing to global warming.
No amount of airbags are going to save you if your oil fuel tank or oil fuel line ruptures and ignites. Can you afford to continue to pay 80 to 100 to fill up?
Electric cars have no rusting and pollution (CO2) emitting exhaust manifolds, no catalytic converters, no O2 sensors, no mufflers and no tailpipes. Electric motor vehicles have no radiators, no toxic radiator fluid, no coolant pump, no coolant lines and no radiator hoses. You can run an electric vehicle indoors for hours or days and not kill (by CO2 asphyxiation) anyone.

Sunspot 1302 has been busy producing multiple flares and coronal mass ejections, even being detected by shortwave radio on Earth. How to permanently get off expensive oil and gas and start running on free self-sustaining energy. The first is the electric motor and second are the batteries. The process is quite simple.

Do you want to know how to convert a normal gas driven car into a pure electric vehicle?
What’s so special about the Warp 9 model?
Firstly, there are actually 3 models of the Warp 9 motor. One clear distinction of this model is its relatively large com bar and large GE style brushes. Size wise, the motor is 8. 25” in diameter and 16. 7” in length. Some people may think it is a bit pricy, but once you felt its power, you’ll be happy you made the investment. Want to know how to get started on your own DIY electric car conversion project?
Les has been driving a pure electric cars for more than 15 years and he knows the ins and outs of a homemade EV conversion project. It is brand new out of the box. I have a EV-1 controller set up for 0-84V. It all works in a 71 VW.