Army Diesel Hybrid Concept: Twice The MPG, Just As Fierce As Humvee

Teknotrek: FED Bravo: Mobil Militer Listrik, Karya Mahasiswa

Army Diesel Hybrid Concept: Twice The MPG, Just As Fierce As Humvee Kendaraan militer yang hemat solar diperlukan karena setiap kali mengirim BBM ke medan tempur berarti mengundang risiko. Transmisinya otomatis, bisa menggunakan penggerak hanya roda belakang serta motor listrik untuk menggerakkan roda depan. Rem menggunakan bahan keramik karbon sehingga jauh lebih ringan ketimbang piringan baja. Kecanggihan lainnya tersimpan di kolong bodi, berupa pelindung yang memungkinkan kendaraan FED ini tidak hancur lebur saat terkena ranjau darat. Mesinnya diesel empat silinder Cummins yang dilengkapi turbo dengan muntahan tenaga 200 HP, dan didukung transmisi matik 6-percepatan. Sebagian kalangan percaya membeli kendaraan menggunakan ilmu Feng Shui, bisa membuat Anda selamat dari kecelakaan atau pencurian. Bagi seorang kolektor, saat ia mampu mendapatkan barang atau koleksi yang diinginkannya, maka ia akan mendapatkan kepuasan yang tak ternilai. The US Army has unveiled a concept combat vehicle that’s been designed not only for fuel efficiency, but also to act as a generator in remote locations like Afghanistan. At the core of the Army’s concept vehicle is a Ford 4. 4-liter, twin turbocharged, 268-horsepower V8 diesel engine.

Specialized features include a combination starter/generator that shuts off the engine when it normally would be idling and restarts it when the driver presses the accelerator again. The vehicle also runs partly on an advanced lithium-ion battery designed for high energy and power density. The vehicle must have a more powerful engine for the times when it is needed for survival. One E Humvee drove up behind a presentation and no one noticed it a couple ft behind them. Having electric power is a big deal but they always have had it with belt driven gens. As for the explaination of how an inverter would do high DC to AC just about all inverter do exacty that. Thanks for the hurricane tale, Jerry. We’re increasingly seeing vehicles with electricity-generating capabilities. During the southeast Asian tsunami, a US aircraft carrier provided on-site medical care, food, fuel, air-lift services to isolated vilages, fresh water, and electrical power to the survivors. Elizabeth, this is a good example of continued innovation in military equipment. There are special considerations when designing membrane switches for devices that are used in or exposed frequently to harsh environments. Most store-bought coffee mug warmers utilize resistive heating.
You learn without leaving the comfort of your desk. The motors are powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that can also uses regenerative braking.
Compared to the traditional Humvee, the FED Bravo gets 8. 2 mpg in the city and 14. 2 mpg on the highway.

The new Fuel Efficient Vehicle Demonstrator Bravo is the US Army’s latest hybrid vehicle concept.

Army Fuel Efficient Demonstrator (FED) Bravo concept diesel hybrid-electric vehicle

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The Army’s newest concept car

The US Army FED Bravo diesel-electric hybrid concept