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COVERAGEgt, RodandKulture Nostalgic Dragfest, Pt. 1 MotorMavens.

Rod& Kulture Dragfest Famoso Raceway Bakersfield CA Nostalgia Drags … My grandfather and all my uncles drove Toyotas, so that might have something to do with it. I used to think that hot rods were only for old guys that wore unfashionable Hawaiian print shirts with their cargo shorts, long white socks, and military trucker hats bearing the name of some sort of Navy vessel they worked on back in the day. Check out how crazy the a-pillar looks, and imagine how difficult it must have been to produce the incredibly curved front windshield on this car. Another thing that I kind of associate with American muscle cars is big fat race slicks and huge, ridiculous, smoky burnouts. I thought it was really cool to see a 1929 Ford like this one out at the dragstrip. I was shooting the event with Travis Hodges, and we both kept laughing and shaking our heads as these high horsepower passed by us on their 6 and 7 second drag runs. It was produced in 1960 and 1961, offering a great platform for Nascar teams to build their race cars. Dammit, this guy has got some great car style.

She looks like she fit right in, Canon SLR and all. I dig the raked stance, and the super fat Mickey Thompson drag slicks in the rear. Well, not all cars were super cool and period correct. It looks like this Z had big fiberglass fenders, and a custom fiberglass hood scoop concealing the Chevy V8 power that was under the hood.
Now this is nostalgia drag racing.

There are definitely not a lot of female photographers in motorsports, so it was cool to see her out there shooting all day. Walking through the vendor area, I heard someone shout my name from one of the booths. It seems that sometimes, even the older hot rod generation can learn things from the younger internet generation. I got this snapshot of Travis as he was filming a short video using a new toy that we just acquired. Props to the Emperor CC for having good style.) Along with old school cars and clothing, I suppose old school attitudes prevail sometimes too. Just nobody make fun of my itty-bitty-SLR, okay?
I love seeing other girls hanging out around cars with tattoos, I feel like less of a weirdo that way. I think I need to grow mine out just to get on the Motor Maven level. Upsetting to the highest level. Very cool coverage Antonio and Travis. The car show at the Nugget Casino is fun too. Glad to hear from you. I particularly love Georgia (ATL shawty.) Oh yeah, and cmon man. You will do just fine.

Antonio, did you do Hotlanta AND Bakes in the same weekend?
There were hot rod show cars roped off in one building, and daily driver import cars in another building.
I never even heard of that story until just now. Very traditional and very Barris-like.

Cool, I see Jae Bueno up there.

Man, you are stupid funny dude, this foo said lynched.
Man, this really takes me back to my roots. But really though, I was forced American muscle cars and hot rods by my uncles and grandfathers my entire upbringing.
I used to live in Tennessee.

When you drive hours and hours multiple times a year just to run into many of the same people, it builds a strong bond and helps to break down social barriers. When you said you bought your plane ticket late, I was confused thinking it was last weekend.