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Classic Car Photo Gallery: 1975 Lincoln Mark IV: Engine View 2 I thought they conformed to a European 5 meter standard.
As far as the Impala goes, the ’13 and older are as long on the inside as the ’08-12 Malibus. There is a lesson here regardless of what people recommend.
I once had made up my mind that a certain car was exactly what I needed.
The other lesson is that sales people, far too many in fact, are in it to make a buck and to keep their jobs. And so they see the easy marks and stick them into a car even though it may be unsuited for them. It is a little known fact but I heard it from a long time confidente years ago in the car business. This is especially true of older people who have a lower thresh hold of withstanding someone who keeps coming back at them. This deal should obviously never have happened.
Truecar or Edmunds or other sites will tell anyone what they should be paying.
Car buying can be fun if one knows how to approach it. It need not be this way. And right now some fabulous deals are there to be made because they don’t want the 2013s when the 2014s arrive.

When the 2014 models hit the lots the rebates will be ramped up considerably. They would rather buy a used car and pay a higher interest rate.

I think the Avalon is a great choice.

The 300 isn’t much different but I’d worry older folks might not like the gangster look with the high sills. BTW, did the Chrysler 300 shrink?
Why do we care how long a car is overall again?
You don’t sit in it, so why have it?
Most of the front of cars like this were completely wasted space.

You dont NEED all that extra length and modern cars do not have it. Are you smoking crack again, Gloria?
Why do we care how long a car is overall again?
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Then it comes down to how that space is used.