Weight, speed, mobility, range, size and payload Tactical Air

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Weight, speed, mobility, range, size and payload Tactical Air … Not sure what the hell it is, but I want one. Spyder, and if you tell them what your car is, you could win the coolest car on the planet right now for FREE. Boeing merupakan produsen pesawat terbang yang mencoba membuat mobil militer segala medan untuk menggantikan merk Humvee yang tidak diproduksi lagi. Alasan Boeing untuk merancang mobil perang ini sendiri adalah karena pesawat kargo V-22 tidak mampu mengangkut sebuah Humvee.

Meski bertubuh kompak, kemampuan mobil dengan penggerak all-wheel drive ini juga cukup cekatan. Selain itu, sungai atau banjir setinggi dua kaki pun masih bisa dilewatinya dengan mudah. That’s what the Army is trying to reclaim. The USMC better be aware.

That looks more like a special forces quick-strike or long-range-desert patrol mission vehicle.

Killing a lot of people.

Also para-drops of M-113s have been done before.

Its about knowing your mission and staying to that. Even serve as a medical evacuation platform if need be.

I would like to see infantry Battalions and Regiments get it. Any reason not to have 120s at the Company level the way the Army went with the Stryker units?
Lots of good fire support from the digital fire control system, and zero setup time.

Those tracked 120mms came in very handy in Iraq. Had a faster Swim speed in rougher waters. And technically they could be slung under a CH-53. Phantom badger with a 120mm mortar and fire control system as well as ammo storage.

Phantom Badger was designed specifically to be suitable for the Osprey and is 60 inches in with. Already I think we see a trend here.

The M151 Mutt and the Ch 46. This is basically a modern Jeep. There is always a need for a general light utility vehicle you can take anywhere.

We moved a lot troops in every war by light utility vehicles without armor. He and his teams used stripped Humvees and suffered less casualties than MP platoons who had taken on the armored Humvees. I think trailers is the part of the aim with these.

Guess we were both a bit short fused, mutual hot button push I guess. So basically, the airborne forces are getting a truck, maybe with trailer to haul stuff. My issue, is that I would still like to see teams which are solely remote fires and MAV oriented.
But once you are on the ground, you still need to consider the realities of what you can do with 30 vs. When they came back out, on their FAV type dune buggies were mounted slant launchers for Spike.

Because we will not be pushing from a FOB or other secure location. Hmmm, wonder what happen with FED Alpha. Ultra Light Combat Vehicle moving forward.
Keep an eye on the US Army. DARPA hard it was not and civilian automotive industry is already light years ahead of what was a cool looking vehicle.

Pity, it was indeed good looking one.

Maybe fuel is cheap now, but this tech for military should be develop further. If the Army manages to keep the changes to a minimum on the selected vehicle that will be a massive acquisition win for them. The US military might field 3 different V-22 internally transportable vehicles. Read the entire article, but the US military might be in the awkward position of having three different internally transportable vehicles. Flyer Defense LLC is a leader in internally transportable, mission specialized, lightweight, off road, wheeled military tactical vehicles for both rotary and tilt wing aircraft. It is mounted in an enclosed automatic turret and directed by radar and television detection and tracking.
The AK-630, a one, two or six set of barrels 30mm gatling gun. Sig 1911 5. 11 Tactical Pistol. There’s only one way to get real gun control: Disarm the thugs and the criminals, lock them up and if you don’t actually throw away the key, at least lose it for a long time… It’s a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun controllers. Beretta M9 semi-automatic pistol and hand grenades. I remember the courage of a nation. They served a man who was trying every day to kill off the country they fought to protect and defend while he intentionally violated the oath of office he took. Governments First Duty is to protect the people, not run their lives. We need Jesus Christ to heal our great nation. I put all of my faith, my hope and all of my trust in One.

American Freedom AMEN from the white house down. Love My Flag or Leave.

Thank God he survived and took out the enemy as well . To our men and women in uniform .

General Dynamics FLYER A relatively new DPV (Desert Patrol Vehicle), the FLYER is an advanced light strike vehicle.
Very interesting design, it shares some parts with the Humvee but is more fuel efficient, General Dynamics claiming 24 MPG.
All of the doors except for the driver have a coaxial mount to attach the M240 machine gun, giving every passenger the ability to provide covering or suppressing fire.

a Flyer Gen II Advanced Light Strike Vehicle used primarily by US military.

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