This truck was parked;br>The owner should be reported immediately

Olga Does Guns Across America Rally In Atlanta, Jan. 19, 20 13

This truck was parked nearby.The owner should be reported immediately … This truck was parked nearby. Criminals should be the only people with guns. Hundreds of right-wingers showed up. I thought for sure the rally would turn into a wild-west shootout, but it didn’t. However, for our fellow Union members, every day is a day off. This particular Union worker complained that he was called a Communist by the right-winger. I think the Occupy workers liked my shirt. Why doesn’t this person enjoy Obama’s Kool-aid?
No doubt the people depicted simply left these icons of the wrongly-called right in their hotel rooms (next to the canning jars of moonshine) so as to try and fool the media. Curing weak liberalism with strong communism. Next time I will photoshop in some casualty images, as Comrade Bill suggests. The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow. Elian Gonzalez wishes he had come to the U. S. Accusations of siding with the enemy leave Sgt. In last-ditch effort to help Ukraine, Obama deploys Rev. Japan offers to extend nuclear umbrella to cover U. S.