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Virginia DMV Hates Funny Things

funny license plate Virginia weird Why would someone do this, even though it is funny?

I say a few times here and there is why I mention it. I just wish the jar of nutella was this proportion in real life.

Because you can buy Nutella. A peanut sat on a railroad track, its heart was all a flutter. Funny Pictures – 47 Pics However this may be true, but road runners run on two legs making it possible for them to do a 90 degree turn while running.
Yet, I died laughing so hard.
This made me laugh: ). Sugar free gummy bear reviews. In 14 years of being alive.

Some foul language, but oh. Where does he work, in Congress?
First grade students guess the endings of common English proverbs. A 1st grade school teacher had 26 students in her class. Hahaha only dr who fans will get this. That actually is a good idea, can we make that happen?
When vegan ideas completely backfire.

I had no idea they made that. This is the most fantastic thing ever. This was the first Dr. Oh, JQK, what have you been through?
Become an archaeologist, they said.
Does the BBC only have one script?
Seriously I hate when you make a perfect Doctor Who reference and non of your whovian friends are around. Make great fandom reference, nobody gets it. When you make a perfect reference to your favorite show and no one else understands it. Dear geeks, Stop making me laugh. I seriously think this every time the beast changes. Lol, he comes up with the weirdest things. My friends have described the doctor who fandom as a cult. I think you mean Ood.
That awkward moment when no one can pass. Rorys lunchbox has Romans on it.

This is so funny…

whoever did this is now my favorite comedian

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Virginia–Eat the kids first.

Virginia DMV must hate their children