There are more pictures on his Flickr page

MAKE Reader Builds Ariel Atom Replica Out Of Spare Parts

There are more pictures on his Flickr page … What’s more, he documented the entire process with pictures and uploaded the whole thing to the internet. It’s an impressive build, taking “15 months and at least 800 hours of work in the garage,” all done without any official Ariel schematics. Much of the car is made from scrap parts, including the bodywork from a number of old appliances, a kayak and a doghouse. Would you dare to build a car from scratch?
Great hes learning and everything, but WIN. Also, I’d move that hoop closer to the back of my head if it were me.

Pictures of your home built ariel atom?
This is pirate4x4, we don’t need stupid vanity mirrors. He takes whichever side makes for a better show at the time.

Report to the fail thread.
Fear is not an option. Dogs shake themselves dry in slow motion. Mountain bike backflip over a 72-foot gap. I was going to look later too because on the helmet cam it sure look like he almost came up short. Where to source the frame?
Thinking about a DIY Ariel Atom. Thinking about a DIY Ariel Atom. Another good option is to take on partners to build it. Another good option is to take on partners to build it. Their forums have a ton of info, and there are a few that are currently about atom style cars. Yeah, I deffinatley like the atom better. You realize that the car you posted is a completely different car, right?
The Super Stalkers walk Atoms. Every event where the Atom has been, it’s either sitting in the pits looking shiny or it’s getting beaten. You can do a very basic,cheap, and fairly rigid lotus based space frame or a MUCH more expensive complicated version like the atom. You need to register to see the photos. I live in the US and I do believe in some states there are a few basic requirements for a home built vehicle to meet i. e. Najveci domaci sajt za zabavu. Usually those are made with a bender that has three rollers, one on top and two on bottom. Then the tube is fed through the rollers back and forth until it has enough of a constant bend that it removes the tension. Eastwood sells a decent one, though theirs may not maintain a perfectly round profile in crosssection. The new BMW 4-series is really mostly an extension of the 3-series. Grassroots Motorsports magazine is built for those who do, not those who dream.

Diy Car | You can follow the full build-up on his Flickr page, which is where we …

MAKE reader builds Ariel Atom replica out of spare parts (On AutoBlog)

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Home built car.

Would you dare to build a car from scratch?

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