Open source DIY electric kit car crowdfunding on Indiegogo

3ders. Org DIY Electric Kit Car Crowdfunding On Indiegogo.

Open source DIY electric kit car crowdfunding on Indiegogo Within three years open-framed, three-wheeled electric vehicles will drive on the roads of Texas. This was a steel frame with lead acid batteries.) Eventually Krysztopik has built a prototype and named it EZ-EV. It has a central battery box containing 96 lithium batteries and the frame is made from advanced honeycombed composites. According to Krysztopik, the main goal of the EZ-EV project is to build high quality parts using inexpensive machine, and to make the vehicle available as a kit that one person can assemble it with standard tools in just one week. Krysztopik expects the vehicle can manage up to 150 miles (241 km) per charge and easily drive over 80 mph (128 km/h). To help bring this electric dream to the road, and also to offer support, training program for others to setup manufacturing, Krysztopik has launched the project on Indiegogo for crowdfunding.
Next, the vehicles could move on to college students who refine the designs further.