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Man Dies After Crashing 70 Plymouth Cuda Into Telephone Pole TV

Misc Other Cars have gotten progressively safer in the past two decades thanks to major progress made in the field of safety devices. This story is made all the more tragic by the presence of family members, who had just brought the driver a fresh tank of gas after he ran out on the side of the road.
The damage from the accident can be seen in the telephone pole, which was split at its base by the force of the collision. The crash was reported at 4:39 p. m. Damn what a shame for him and his family.. Poor family having to go through this. I hit the concrete barrier so hard that oil splashed out of the breather and caught fire on the headers. Only after I ran out from the car and looked back at it on fire, still stuck at 7K it dawned on me, so I ran back and shut it off. I sure feel for the family ,the driver, and also a sad loss for the Cuda. I was also amazed that the hood looks to be in good condition still. The engine looks super fresh. Go that way, really fast. No doubt that was one hell of a powerful car, and man what a hit. Tomorrow is promised to NOBODY .

muscle car crash | Man Dies After Crashing ’70 Plymouth ‘Cuda Into Telephone Pole …

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