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Virgins Deep Flight Challenger.

Deep Flight Challenger – A 3 In 1 Mix Of A Spacecraft, An Airplane … The submersible has a length of 17 ft 8 inches, having a width of 12 ft 11 inches, and a height of 5 ft, 7 inches. It is one of the most technologically advanced Submersible built till now. She aims to feature all things most expensive, which fits well to the taste of wealthy. Branson on April 5 showcased the ‘Necker Nymph’, a solo-piloted ‘flying’ mini-submarine in which he plans to explore depths to which no man has ever been before in all the five oceans on earth. The pressure at the bottom of the deepest trench is over 1,000 atmospheres — the quartz dome alone is under 13 million pounds of pressure, the weight of three space shuttles. Full pressure testing will be conducted over the next three months, the web site said.
At that speed, a dive to the bottom of the Marianna trench and back is estimated to take about five hours. The one person sub has an operating depth of 37,000ft (7 miles) and is capable of operating for 24 hours unaided.
The craft will cruise at a max of 3 knots and can dive 350ft per minute.

The Virgin Oceanic web site says that the submarine provides the currently unequalled capability to take humans to any depth in the oceans and to truly explore.