Memorial Day Weekend in Death Valley
Memorial Day Weekend in Death Valley After a nights rest we headed out early the next morning to Death Valley where we wheeled for the day. Overall it was an amazing trip and I am looking forward to heading back sometime soon. We read it was “impassable”…. Also what elevation was the snow at?
That looked like a great trip. Yeah it was truly an amazing trip. The snow was a little over 10,000ft, the trails actually went up to close to 12,000ft but the snow just got worse and worse after where I got stuck. Amazing pictures Blair looks like a great place to explore.

Yeah it is great out there.

Most of what we did is 2wd friendly but during lots of the mine mile descents having low range really helped.
Let me know when you want to head out there though, I am up for another trip there.

We did quite a few trails out there, its hard to keep there all straight. Not a problem, it was a great trip. Nice truck and amazing pics. Panamint Springs, Ca is somewhat near where we entered the trail.