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Funny Bumper Stickers.

18 April, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | Comment Am I supposed to want material items?& One of the most frustrating things ever. Oh yah that girl has a jacket . Cheerleading- the biggest battle you will ever fight as a captain. I knew it was a D. I want to laugh and cry at the same time.

Well, whatever he lacks in looks he makes up in humor. Sometimes that works out for me. Audition of Dead for Fili, the death of Kili. The Newborn Survival Guide in an info graphic. Adorable piglet taking a bath. Baby piglet taking a shower – melt my heart. Sunlight streams through the windows of a building which caught on fire in Plattsmouth, Neb., The water sprayed by fire fighters is seen frozen. On January 3, this building caught on fire, but with below freezing temperatures, the water sprayed by firefighters immediately turned to ice.

Cant afford those expensive designer bags?
Lego snowglobes – so cute.

LOL. This is for my friend

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