Weird, Wacky &  Dangerous Motorcycle Modifications| dsc 0366.jpg

Weird, Wacky And Dangerous Motorcycle Modifications TeamBHP

Weird, Wacky & Dangerous Motorcycle Modifications. dsc 0366 Had all sorts of holders and what not . The Bullet is owned by a Doctor. Saw this sugarcane juice vendor on my way to manmad gurudwara. Chassis is fabricated by him at home.

This is weird and wacky but in a ‘wicked’ sense.

Looks like a Kinetic Honda to me.

Wonder what were they thinking while making something like this. Looks like a Kinetic Honda to me.

This definitely is Wacky and Dangerous . A R15fied TVS starcity, whether it turns heads or not, im pretty sure it would turn a R15 owner’s head towards it . I personally feel this bike shouldnt be in this thread, this is a unique work of great technology by very great people and few owned by very very great people .