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Covini CW6

Nissan: Nissan GT R: USD 77,000 I believe the short article on yahoo. com said that this concept car has been around since 2003. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread.
Is fast sportcar from japan. GT-R역시 우핸들로써, 일본에만 판매되는 차량입니다. Fast Five is pulling in ticket sales this week at a record pace.

Its original “dinosaur” suspension has been swapped out for a C3 Corvette setup, making it a little more forgiving in the turns. The cab sits on a collection of steel tubing, which serves as its fundamental support and chassis. The engine of choice is a 502 cubic-inch, Chevrolet, Ram Jet, crate motor, offering upwards of 600 horsepower. Nuestro equipo siempre anade nuevas fotos e imagenes de nissan. BMW와 벤츠가 전혀 보이지 않고 보통 쿠페로 분류하는 재규어 XKR가 컨버터블로 분류되어 1위를 한 것도 특이합니다. K7은 PPL과 연계한 이색마케팅도 펼쳐 관심을 끌었죠.

Nissan Skyline GTR My ULTIMATE dream car.I will own this someday. –

Nissan GTR.
dream car <3 one day, one dayyy..

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Is fast sportcar from japan.
it’s godzilla power.Image Nissan GT-R for hd car wallpaper.