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Custom Classic Trucks, March 01, 2013 Inspiration can grow over time and then be ignited in a moment. The truck had been a daily driver for Sammy’s grandfather since the day he bought it from the original owner until he passed away. The incentive that motivated him to put the truck back together and drive it for the rest of his life must have been passed on to Sammy. I tried not to throw excess money at it, but redo what was there.

Cleaning up 30 years worth of wear and tear was the first job. Sammy wanted the truck low. Doetsch shocks and Belltech antisway bars mounted at both ends improve the ride.

The bodywork started the same as the chassis work, by removing and repairing.
A replacement hood turned up at a local salvage yard.
Body and bed were disassembled for painting to make sure the finished product looked as clean as possible.

This whole build was inspired in part by 20-inch wheels and now the 20s on this Chevy may inspire someone else.

The Chevy is powered by the 250ci inline-six engine it’s always had.
He told us he’s thinking about some I-6 hop up parts in the near future.

The transmission had been converted to a floor-shifted three-speed, but now runs a Borg-Warner T5 with a homemade short-shift kit. Even pro builders won’t tackle interior work, but Sammy learned custom auto upholstery during high school and has done professional upholstery. The factory replacement dash was dyed to match. The truck still needed wheels, a bumper, a radio, and a few other non-essential parts, but Sammy couldn’t wait.

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1977 Chevrolet Stepside.

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