Classic Sixth Cleaned | classic
Classic Junk Cars For Sale The sixth unit to sell, There were just a few guys there from out of state who were buying what they could, but every third or fourth car was going to the crusher. Within a few minutes those two cars were up for sale, and I encouraged the two to get their hands up and win the bid. You guessed it, a big C on both of them, totally complete and in good shape.

I stayed away from the rest of the sale and the big trucks because I was in enough trouble as it was. I went back to the site a few times to get my prizes and took a few pictures of the aftermath. The message here is get out and save one old car in your life.

You might make a buck and have some fun at the same time.

And this Rambler has plenty of it. Doug, have you heard about the large collection . of old cars being sold by the pound in up state N. Y. This is a good example of how some money should be spent. I wish I could have been there to do my share.

I got to drive it home brand new and on a date that Friday night in March, 1960. It was his second Rambler after a string of Chevies. You should use that 195. 6 overhead valve 6. Ours had the pushbutton automatic which had to be done at 75K, as did a valve job and a set of trunnions. It was still running, had virtually no rust, it was never garaged, and there was a young fellow washing it as if it was his pride and joy. I took a girl to our senior prom in it. These were the days when cars got junked at 75K, but after the repairs, the Rambler ran like new. The trim pieces are the toughest items. Got the head done, cleaned the gunk from under pistons, cleaned out oil pan. Had tranny, 3 on tree wod, rebuilt and redid front end.