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most expensive cars in India Exotic Cars may be the staple of the Millionaires of the world but what makes an exotic car exotic?
One thing is for sure, exotic cars are still going to be pushing the bounds of vehicle production for years to come.

When you envision sports cars there are a few names that readily come to mind.
The engine was mid-mounted and had a 8262 bore and stroke.

The compression ratio for performance was at 9. 5:1, and 350HP and 7,000 rpm. The Miura P400 sported a 5-speed manual and rear wheel drive.

The 2-door coupe is common among high performance vehicles, and this particular model with coachwork by Bertone left for little to be desired.
From the mid-engine transverse layout was very different from Lamborghini cars of previous years. This allowed for little space to be found in the well designed final product. The original version of the Evantra sported a flat six engine with 403 horsepower, with a twin turbocharger, amp that up to 603 HP. The 2013 model also features 20-inch wheels by OZ featuring tires by Continental. This dream machine is available, as a Pro-body comprised of a carbon-fiber composite or a One-body that is a customizable all-aluminum shell. Imagine going from 0-60 in 2. 9 seconds. The Koenigsegg Agera R claims to be able to reach both of these and oh so much more.

This allows for better compensation of headwinds and tailwinds, and a lighter load on the car. The Agera R features 19-inch wheels and a ceramic braking system. The engine system utilizes a 5-liter twin turbocharged V8. The preferred fuel is 95 octane as other fuel use will reduce engine output and reduce overall performance. A community portal about Koenigsegg CCX with blogs, videos, and photos. The CCX is intended to be more suitable for the U. S. From the very first day when human invented the wheel his thought touched the horizon, where men can see the acute glory and style.

Our first car is holding the Guinness World record with its 267mph running, its speed can be count between 429-431 km/h. You can call it the world’s fastest car. Hennessey Venom GT’s speed is 275 mph. Our next sophisticated car is having the fastest horsepower of 1,287. Our next car is the most delicate car ever you would have seen, it’s the Danish model, with BMW V8 version, and its horsepower is very high with 1,250, and you can count in the world speedy sports car as its speed it 233 mph. The world’s famous car on the ninth position is Noble, which is the coolest car ever you have seen, its sophisticated model is of top notch, which runs with the speed of 326, having the most sophisticated twin-turbocharged 4. 4 liter the modern V8 Engine.

The amazing thing about Noble is that it is hand-built and having the 650 horsepower. Our last world’s famous and fast sports car is Lamborghini Aventador, having 354 km/h running just in 209 seconds, along its super Engine 700 hp. So impressing from the first cars until to ending wow. Koenigsegg Agera R is the car that puts all the history and the technology developed by the Swedish producer under one hood.
For example, the carbon on the front bonnet is now more visible, giving the car an unique elegance.

The RPM limit was also increased.
As it is a Swedish producer, things such as the environment must also be taken into consideration. The Agera R is the only roadster Hypercar with a detachable and stowable hardtop, bringing the best of two worlds.

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The famous Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg Second Generation will release 2013 Agera R at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.The first generation was published in the Swiss auto show last year.The official released the eight aspects of upgrade to improve the previous generation Agera R, including improved carbon fiber wheels, higher performance, engine upgrade, suspension upgrade and a new aerodynamic body parts.

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Keonigsegg Agera-R, one of my dream cars.

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The Incomparable 2013 Koenigsegg Agera R.
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