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Electric Cars: Bugatti Working With German Ceramic Company To Make The Car Body

UAE Businessman Buys World’s Most Expensive Car Which one is your types?
Every person having own perception about Mystery of underpant appeal, and how about this below picture.

What is in your mind now about this picture?
The vehicle features 12 porcelain elements, including wheel badges and fuel and oil caps. A highlight of the car is a porcelain dish in the centre console. View of a 2011 Bugatti Veyron. Ironically, he got caught because someone driving next to him was so impressed by the car, they started shooting video right before he veered into the lake. However, not much is known about the business tycoon who shelled out the 2. 4 million for this sleek, super expensive car. Ok maybe not on the back roads of the country but styling through town yes. Do you know why Mustangs are called Mustangs?
If anyone wants to get this for my graduation gift I will take it. Mercedes Benz G63 matte black. The car, although fully functional, is sadly not street legal. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.