crazy cars Seen On

Crazy Cars.

crazy cars Seen On I wish this was my first car. Burning Man Festival in the Desert. It was clear to me that Burning Man is a window to a better human experience.

I am so grateful for you. This place is everything they say about it. The community starts with the artists and the builders and the managers who have all been here for months. Over used hyperbole drifts on the wind like the white clay dust that is ever present. All of them apply to this temporary human occupation of a decidedly permanent inhuman landscape.

Playa in Spanish means beach so assuming this used to be an inland sea I guess the name is appropriate and as you explore the playa you begin to notice the contribution to this teeming metropolis by the dedicated, or more accurately, obsessive artists, designers, builders etc. All built within a clocklike layout that makes it practically impossible to get lost. Personally I spent as much of my time peering through the looking glass from the other side as I possibly could.
I was looking for both and I found them both with no difficulty whatsoever. Just something to say to get them to continue on and leave us alone.

The majority of burners are truly there to experience the burn of everyone else here.

It is everywhere and you would have to be a member of the walking dead or just have a dead member not to be affected by it. Five and six story structures that anywhere else would require half of the bureaucrats of a good sized city to approve and even then they might never get built. New personalities, new physical appearances, new manifestations of evolved human beings that come together for a celebration of our universe as it could be.

A family created not from the dust of the playa but from the stardust that connects us all whenever we just pay attention. Incorrect source, offensive, or found a typo?
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Red (sort of), White and Blue. I want to be inspired to create art at a place that has inspired me to make it. I pass by an art car parked at an emissions shop on Broad Street on my way to school everyday. For a right sidebar, play with the translate numbers until the enlarged photo moves the way you want it to. Craziest Ford I ever seen. What does Siftbot look like?
I have a few ideas. What does Siftbot look like?
I have a few ideas. Dunno if I’d call that an aggressive response.

I think it was a brilliant response.

A friend once was driven to her Burning Man wedding in this skull car.

weird vehicles -nom nom nom

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Burningman artcars | Art Cars at Burning Man 2002

I wish this was my first car.What fun.