Junked cars found in the woods

Junked Cars Found In The Woods.

Junked cars found in the woods Can A Car Be Haunted?
Well we’ve all heard the stories about the proverbial haunted house at the end of the street and watched TV shows that investigate haunted places. Recently these shows have made the shift from haunted houses to haunted vehicles. Most of these tales are in fact just Urban Legends, you know the ones that seem to get more elaborate the more they are passed around, just like Chinese whispers. In 1995, American eyewitnesses recounted experiences of a brown 1960’s car complete with bumper stickers that kept mysteriously reappearing ahead of the their car at traffic lights. Surrey Police were called out to the scene of an accident in 2011 on the A3 near Guildford.
This whole strange event left the police wondering.
There are hundreds of reported haunted roads all over the globe.

It is also known for its many ghosts too. There are also reports of a few ghost vehicles, a Chevrolet Camaro driven by a girl who died in a crash in 1988, is often seen on this lonely road and vanishes when you reach the spot where she had her accident. This urban legend is as old as the hills. The story goes that you are a lone driver, happily travelling along a winding road, minding your own business (of course it has to be a lonely road and at night.) You approach, intent on asking if you can help her, where to your horror she either promptly vanishes or more often than not, she gets into the car without a word.
You look away for a second or two, then get an awful fright when you look back and realise she has vanished from the rear seat.