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Mustang 1965.

American & European Classic Cars voitures americaines et … Acesta din urma a devenit cunoscut pentru inovatiile pe care le-a introdus in industria auto cat si pentru ca a fost omul “care a pus lumea pe roti”. Doar in prima zi sunt vandute 10. 2 milioane de actiuni. Acesta a fost echipat cu un motor de 4. 7 litrii, V8 care putea sa depaseasca 180 km/h. De asemenea o parte din companiile cumparate de catre Ford de-a lungul anilor au fost vandute ca urmare a crizei financiare care a afectat in mare masura industria auto. Will always be up there we my favourite cars ever. Without a doubt this car is in my top ten. Incredible dash cam video from Russia. This came as quite a surprise to Ford executives who had predicted annual sales of about 100,000 units. Shelby received approval from Iacocca to move forward on the project. Ford termed the car the Shelby GT350 Street5. This increased the six-cylinder’s performance from 101 hp to 120 hp. This GT Group option far surpassed the 164 hp the smaller engine had generated.
The 289-cubic inch V-8 “Hi-Po” was also an offering, generating 271 hp. The ’66 model Mustang featured slightly moderate changes to the grille and wheel covers. A new instrument cluster, as well as new paint and interior options, were also offered.
The semi-notchback was replaced by a full-Fastback roofline.

A bigger grille was also featured, giving the Mustang a more aggressive appearance.

In the power performance arena, 1967 marked the release of the Shelby GT500, which featured a 428-cubic inch V-8 capable of producing 355 hp. Sporting a bolder, more aggressive stance, the ‘69 featured a longer body with distinct muscle car characteristics. A new 302-cubic inch engine was also released, outputting more than 220 hp.

1965 Mustang Coup mine will be black or maybe navy.

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1966 Ford Mustang Fastback (Dream Car)

1966 Mustang Fastback

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