Top 5 Worst Cars Ever Made

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Top 5 Worst Cars Ever Made The Backpack was a 1995 concept that was, frankly, cool. Just a couple random Plymouth concepts from back in the day. A Subaru Baja without the utility and good looks?

But you still want one.. Ive also decided I need one of these as well. Aircooled and V8 yes please.

You won’t, cos thats the part that always packs up. People may disagree with my inclusion of the early 70s Audi 100ls, but my grandfather owned one for about a year in the mid-seventies, and it was in the (very expensive) shop for about 4 months of it. Underpowered, dodgy electrics, a mostly indifferent dealer network and fragility a crap luxury car makes. Now don’t get me wrong, I’d still have one.

I never know you go up or down with them. My current irrational want is for a PT Croooozer. But have to admit to supporting many lost causes over the years. Also, this thread has been more positive than I expected.
Some are ugly (or at least challenging) but do the job of being a car really well. My Father had one when I was a Nipper,we used to take off the tailgate and use it like a pickup for transporting my trials bikes. As an enthusiast of all ‘real’ Rovers, my dirty little secret is definitely the 800, with a particular fondness for the the Mk1 ‘fast back’ hatch and the Vitesse.. My uncle had an 800 vitesse and the thing I remember most about it. My uncle had a Vitesse, too. Now I seriously want that jacked up yellow X90. I wouldnt mind one of them. Looking for a FD Ventora – Anyone?
The X-90 proved to be a sales flop and was discontinued after just two years on the market. In profile it looked like a hat on wheels. It’s what you drive if you’re rich and rode the short bus. I was bored so I forded the river. I like toyotas and even I think They made a major ****up when they desighned the new FJ-40. The Ferrari 250 GTO is a style icon because it not only looks beautiful, but because it has the substance to back it up. Cylinder deactivation is a brilliant idea that may help save the supercar from extinction.