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Alabama Classic Cars 20 11.

Classic 1951 Dodge Coronet damaged by Alabama tornado sold to junk car … Power It has been a busy spring for Gulf Power storm teams. It was a fun day. It makes poorer people more susceptible to unsafe vehicles. Beneath the disappearing flat white paint, red oxide primer. The television guys wanted to film from on board King’s El Camino. A keen eye will also notice the faint hint of red lettering along the bed of the truck. The dolls creep out and confuse young kids and have become scorn-worthy by some car show communities. King’s car show mascot, ‘Carlos.’ King’s custom 1959 El Camino is part traditional hot rod and part rat rod.
King made the rear glass from a sheet of Lexan. Dog under King’s hand-made Lexan rear window with braces. Platzer spotted these junked Edsels while taking his daughter to school. The little Miata’s was body damaged beyond repair but the engine still ran. A few rounds of beer and some bench racing was all it took before the two buddies decided to hack into the two vehicles and weld them into one economical, lowrider Jeep. Mazda built the Miata drivetrain and chassis in Hiroshima, Japan. Russell has taken his Jeep off-roading and this was the result. The tough, former Air Force fighter pilot who has seen his share of brutal war zones had to make a difficult decision concerning his damaged vehicles. Reddell sold his damaged cars to a junk car buyer. The low mile Dodge was among Reddell’s vehicles that were loaded up and carried away the day after I took these photos. This ’51 Dodge Coronet had optional rear foot rests.