Aerocar N103D Flying Plane Car Single Engine Auto Fly

24 Cars Blue Sky: Aerocar N10 3D Flying Plane Car Single Engine Auto Fly

Aerocar N103D Flying Plane Car Single Engine Auto Fly Today you will see this a 1956 Flying Plane Car. I can’t believe that the Flying Plane Car is already producted in 1956. People are bad enough at driving in 2 dimensions. No choice but this answer as the invention has been around for decades and is being constantly re-invented.
Most in the profession say their resources are already stretched to the max. Expect the number of air accidents to increase geometrically. Some people have enough trouble navigating in 2 dimensions. I agree with Mark lol, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. People are toooo dumb for flying cars. There were operating flying cars in the 1930s. A small helicopter is just the better idea. Needs only a short runway and can be driven over land.
I think the average person is enough of a menace with all four wheels on the ground.
People can barely drive on the ground.
I has already been attempted decades ago and was a failure.

As charming as the notion may be, we are already plagued by way too many mediocre, inattentive drives often on cellphones or texting to be trusted with the challenges of travelling in 3 Dimensions. To many Americans can not drive a ground base vehicle properly now we want then to fly above our heads?
I got to have one of those .