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African Cars. : August 20 0 9

armor small1 The car is of a space frame construction with a fiberglass body. Shocks are American Radflo with secondary pistons in the coil-overs and an external bypass shock per corner. With so much torque on hand, ratios can be kept short but top speed is slightly limited when compared to some of the past competitors. On how they created such a truck with products from Nigeria, Johnson said: “It’s been a little bit of up and down’s. Its a 4 seater, and the platform has being successfully been tested.
A one-make series will encourage owners to test their driver skills as cars will be placed against like for like engines. This is not the news that Nigerian the world over would jump for joy about. Is there any picture or article to support this story?
That’s an easier and cheaper way to do this. There is always some business to be had. This is a thread for fools. From your name, your are the biggest fool in here.

I am totally dissappointed with most of the posters here.

Yet you idiots mock their handiwork. And why don’t u go and make your own apc?
And u wonder why other countries look down on us.