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Down Payment By Mom, EMI By Wife, Enjoyed By Me: 17 Incredibly Hilarious Car Stickers In India You Cant Stop Laughing At IBNLive

11 Hilarious Stickers Indians Put on their Cars It isn’t hard to spot these gems running on the road every now and then. Here are 17 times we’ve wondered why someone would do this to their cars. Bumper sticker wisdom from Gurgaon: ‘Whack now, think later.’ The message is loud and clear. Think before you buy a Samsung phone.

Quite a way to tell everyone how you have no life now. You’re a stud muffin if you figured this guy is a stud muffin. Some cool dudes with cool lines. It’s their way of ‘snatching’ attention with their ‘coolness’. What were you thinking before doing this to your car?
For this one special, it shows how ‘frustrated’ this person is with his work that he openly wants somebody to ‘kill’ him. Now, won’t you really feel like doing what the slogan on the car says?
I want the world to know this.” You bought a posh car?
We should really start saving money on expensive cars, you know?
You can miss the signal on the road, the footpath along the road but at no point can you miss this warning.

Now, it is your headache to be careful around the person. The blame’s on you otherwise.

My car is no less than a sports car, okay?” Totally, if every car will be a sports car, Sports Car companies would shut down. Or is it that he is the most fashionable person on earth?
That’s an open declaration of someone calling himself a stud. Some people are really annoying to be around on the road.
Why would anyone want the world to know what their name is?
And that too, not just your name but your family members’ names too. Vignesh, totally many girls are waiting for you but, not for good reasons, you know?