As described in a previous article, Moscow car enthusiast

Russian Company Creates Car Covered Entirely In Bison Leather Including The Engine VIDEO

As described in a previous article, Moscow car enthusiast … The technology involved in processing the vehicle ensures the leather is water-resistant and able to withstand extreme weather conditions, including the scorching heat of Middle Eastern summers as well as the severe winters of Russia. The creators of this vehicle make assurances that it can be cleaned like a normal motor vehicle.

The WCS states that β€œβ€¦in the late nineteenth century, sport-hunting and mass slaughters of this mammal brought the species to the brink of extinction.” The badge on this car says Peugeot, but the body has been extensively modified using fiberglass – beyond recognition. From the interior, exterior and even the engine.

The interior of the car, including the dashboard, was also carved with brown skin as bisonette with expensive natural fur. This leather car has a 2. 5-liter petrol engine, automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive, the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. The seller of this car is ready to sell the car thickened skin bisonette for the sum of 40 million Russian rubles.