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SOUTH SALT LAKE — A driver in a stolen vehicle led police on a chase … The driver then traveled east, passing through another parking lot and nearly running over another police officer, Keller said.
From the spot where he stopped his pursuit, the third officer was able to witness the Chevelle get into a massive collision, according to Keller. Keller said the driver attempted to flee on foot and was apprehended near 800 East and 3300 South. The driver reportedly suffered an injury to his leg.
Keller described the chase as a “melee” and said the man, who was wanted on outstanding felony warrants, was apprehended with firearms and other suspicious property in his vehicle. There can’t be many things worse than having your prized classic muscle car stolen from right underneath your nose, but an unnamed Chevelle owner is dealing with that and more this week after police detained the thief they believe to be responsible on Monday. The driver then traveled through another parking lot, nearly hitting another police car before heading to the street. After the pursuit was called off, one officer was able to watch as the Chevelle struck two other cars. While we’re glad that a criminal appearing to be up to no good is now off the streets, the severe damage done to the Chevelle is a tragedy.