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El Dragon.

shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest StumbleUpon My girls would LOVE this. Bac Mono speeding round the sharp bend. Stealth mode exhaust, radar-absorbing paint just for starters. Just terrible thats an eyesore.

Though I applaud your effort I have a few questions. O upstream of the throttle plate?
I hope you also take the time to install a Halon fire suppresion system on your car too just in case.

O applications your setup is fundamentally flawed.
O mix into your upstream airflow during the hotdog down a hallway shifts that plague all Smart cars, even while the throttle plate is closed this vapor can and will build up with less than desirable results. O systems old and new are meant to be located in the downstream airflow of the throttle plate.

I fear other less tech savvy users on this forum are going to try and duplicate it and potentially harm their vehicle or themselves in the process. Wow all the experience you have and you have no idea what shot is even on the car lol. It really doesn’t matter how big the shot is it’s still dangerous in this configuration. What is babybenz up to now??

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