Cricket Crazy Car

Online Indian Car Magazine: Cricket Crazy Car

Cricket Crazy Car India Torque is all set to launch its new domain indiatorque.

in very shortly. Where the Vento only provides you with 2 stickers on the exterior, the Ritz is entirely wrapped in cricket mania. On the other hand, the Ritz comes with 2 bats, a set of pads and a helmet too. So which one would you like to buy?
An amazing experience that has taught me a lot, taken me to new places, driven some great cars and met some amazing people. Found this in a parking lot of a Mall. There is a 50% chance you will get to see it when you go there.

But quite honestly, IMHO, it looks awesome.

About the Baleno mod, that mesh thing looks like it is removable.

Anything done by DC deserves to be in this thread, But this one i like.

Makes you wonder why even with such, ahem, enthusiastic backing, team india still flounders.. Also no wonder why we see the car logo’s being stolen from cars. What do you call this?
That is by far the weirdest thing I have ever seen in an automobile.

Yesterday, I saw 8th wonder: Need your votes to announce officially. This is seriuosly ugly and bad for the poor car. How could he do this?
What a waste of a perfectly good car. Why did she paint only the back in black color?
Is it based on a Scorpio, or just used the body panels out of one??