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Ipinaskil nicryspop Have you ever been stuck in traffic and wished your car could transform into a plane and fly right over everybody?
Toshiba has introduced a 3-D television that doesn’t require the use of special glasses. Google join forces with Toyota to bring us driverless cars. A car that can fly. Google is not only getting in on the automated car game, but they are also making their TV application available for everyone to use.

The Martin Jetpack is creating a latest part in the aviation and recreational vehicle markets. Like a car, the front two tires could be turned with a steering wheel inside the cabin, and it was propelled on the ground and in the air by a propeller attached to the back. The Flying Auto was powered by a small forty-horsepower engine, and foot pedals controlled the tail vane on the back, allowing Mr. The wings, tail, and propeller could be detached from the (plastic) car, allowing it to be driven like a regular vehicle on the road.
It even folds down to seven feet (2. 1m), allowing it to fit into most garages. In 2009, the Terrafugia Transition had its first successful test flight. In any case, the Transition finally offers something that at least looks futuristic. Erik De Nijs 란 디자이너가 고안한 키보드 바지입니다.

Terrafugia: The flying car flies again…
a flight and a drive to local airport mark further progress toward planned availability next year of the Transition, a street-legal personal airplane.
People can place a 10,000 deposit for the Transition, which the company expects to sell for 279,000.
The company received an exemption from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for a “roadable aircraft.” It gets 35 miles per gallon mileage when driving.

Terrafugia’s flying car heading to NY Auto Show in April

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